Bon Appétit!

Capacity for Receptions

West Room - 600
East Room - 200

Both the East and West halls of The Four Columns serve as both a stunning event venue and a convenient, private hall rental option for weddings, celebrations, formal occasions and company events in the Metro New Orleans area. Larger than most banquet halls in New Orleans, The Four Columns can accommodate larger events up to 600 guests or smaller events of 50-75 guest in a variety of arrangements to suit your special events needs.

Just 10 minutes from downtown New Orleans, The Four Columns can provide a traffic-free and private event space for your wedding reception, celebration or corporate function. All of our banquet halls provides a luxury reception venue in a quaint and historic pocket of New Orleans, helping to achieve a seamless lasting impression on your guests.

On Friday nights, Saturday and Sunday there is a minimum number required. Prices are further subject to an 9.75% sales tax and 20% gratuity.

Banquet Menu


1. Boneless Breast of Chicken with Taso Sauce
2. Chicken or Eggplant Parmesan with Pasta
3. Honey BBQ Chicken with BBQ Baked Bean and Apple Casserole
4. Cajun Chicken Cordon Bleu- Breaded Chicken Breast stuffed with Swiss Cheese and Andouille Sausage served with Andouille Garlic Butter Sauce.
5. Poulet Josephine- Smoked Chicken Breast ladled with a topping of Fresh Mushrooms, Onions, Shallots, Garlic, and Wine.
6. Chicken Piccata- Lightly breaded tender Chicken Breast topped with a mild Lemon and Caper Sauce served over Pasta.
7. Orange Glazed Chicken with Wild Rice
8. Chicken Clemenceau- Boned Chicken with Mushrooms, Cubed Potatoes, Garlic, and Green Peas delicately cooked in wine.
9. Meatloaf with Baked Macaroni- Lean Ground Chuck blended with homemade seasoned Bread Crumbs served with a Creamy Baked Macaroni.
10. Beef and Seafood- A 6oz. Ribeye Steak served with a Seafood Delicacy
11. Ribeye Steak
12. Baked Lasagna (Traditional or Spinach)
13. Roast Beef with Marchand du Vin Sauce
14. Prime Roast Rib of Beef Au Ju

15. BBQ Beef Brisket
16. Baked Glazed Ham
17. Baked Pork Chop topped with Mushroom Sauce
18. Roast Pork Medallions with Sweet and Sour Raspberry Glaze
19. Roasted Pork Loin with a Fruit and Port Sauce
20. Roast Turkey Breast with Andouille Corn Bread Dressing
21. Baked Catfish rolled in Seasoned Bread Crumbs topped with Shrimp and Crabmeat Dressing in a Wine Sauce.
22. Catfish Meuniere- Farm Fresh Catfish Filet fried golden brown and topped with a rich Lemon Butter Sauce.
23. Crawfish Marie- Tender Crawfish Tails sautéed with Tasso and Cream ladled over Fettuccini Pasta.
24. Fried Catfish Filets- Lightly Breaded and Deep Fried
25. Shrimp Italienne- Large, Whole Gulf Shrimp in Olive Oil and Wine Sauce, Generously Spiced, and Perfect for Dipping with Crusty French Bun.
26. Seafood Casserole of Crabmeat and Shrimp in a Wine and Cheese Sauce
27. Shrimp or Crawfish Etouffee over Rice
28. Catfish Four Columns- Baked Catfish in Butter and topped with a Creamy Sauce of Shrimp, Hearts of Artichoke, Crabmeat, Mushrooms and Wine.
29. Shrimp stuffed Bell Pepper with Creamy Baked Macaroni


Banquet Gallery